Introducing Sustainable
Waste Management and Recycling to Emerging Countries

About Genesis...

Genesis Environmental Solutions (GES) is a German recycling, waste and resource management conglomerate with operations in Pakistan and Ghana. A dynamic and innovative company, GES tackles multiple environmental problems simultaneously,
in order to make a significant socio-economic impact. Our management team is made up of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in recycling as well as trading of recycled materials and commodities. Furthermore, the Genesis Team is offering comprehensive consultation and project implementation services.

At the heart of our business is the sustainable use and reuse of resources. We are recycling plastics, non-ferrous metals, and electronic waste, to return them to local and global industry, and to integrate these recycled materials back into the value chain with our value-added products.

With our extensive multinational business network and past experience, GES is also able to source a wide range of secondary resources and commodities, bridging the global demand for materials.

Global Footprint and Business Network

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Waste Management

GES engages in managing post-communal and landfill-bound solid waste for recycling purposes. Thereby, our core focus lays on recovering recyclable materials such as plastics, metals and paper from waste.

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GES specialised in the recycling of plastics and non-ferrous metals. Furthermore, in cooperation with our global recycling partners, we are also able to recycle all non-ferrous metals as well as e-waste and car batteries.

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We trade recyclable waste and recycled materials on a global scale. Our extensive business network allows us to sell these materials to most industrialised and developing countries, such as Germany, Spain, USA, China, India and many more.

Plastic Trading

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PET Flakes - Post-Consumer

GES can supply high quality hot-washed, clear PET flakes from post-consumer bottles waste.

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PP Granulates

From our own facilities, GES can supply PP recycled granulates in the colours white, blue and black on regular basis.

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HDPE Granulates

GES can supply HDPE recycled granulates in the colours white, blue and yellow.

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PET Bottles - Clear, Baled

GES can supply baled, clear PET bottles. If required, the labels can also be removed.

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HDPE Scrap

GES have HDPE scrap in various forms readily available. Usually, these are HDPE containers and drums.

Non-Ferrous Metal Trading

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Aluminium UBC - Baled

GES is able to supply aluminium used-beverage cans scrap pressed in bales.

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Copper Scrap

We are able to supply copper waste in different qualities. GES has coated and uncoated copper cables, copper rods as well as compressors with copper cores available on regular basis.

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Brass Scrap

GES can supply yellow as well as red brass from its different facilities on regular basis.

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Genesis Environmental Solutions offers professional and comprehensive consultation services in terms of management and engineering for companies engaged in, or projects related to waste management, recycling, waste to energy or environmental engineering. Upon request GES also offers project implementation services as well as product sourcing


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Genesis Environmental Solutions GmbH
Nachodstr. 17,
10779 Berlin, Germany
Commercial Register No.: 161105 B
(AG Berlin-Charlottenburg)
VAT ID No.: DE308693105
Managing Director: Tommy Rudov 

  • Genesis Environmental Solutions GH LTD
  • H/No 2, 4 Ekpapka Avenue, West Legon
  • Accra, Ghana / Recycling Facility: Nsawam-Aburi Rd., Nsawam, Eastern Region, Ghana
  • Incorporation No.: CS033380322
  • Managing Director: Marc-Edouard Kollo 

  • Genesis Environmental Solutions PVT LTD
  • Al-Anayat Mall, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan / Recycling Facility: Kohat Rd., Ikhlas, Attock, Pakistan
  • Incorporation No.: 0123558-CRO ISB
  • Managing Director: Umar Hayat Siddiq