Your Reliable Partner in the
Trade and Logistics of Energy Commodities

About Genesis...

Genesis Environmental Solutions (GES) is a German waste management and recycling conglomerate, which is also engaged in the trade and logistics of energy commodities. Our management team is made up of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in recycling as well as trading of recycled materials and commodities. Furthermore, the Genesis Team is offering comprehensive consultation and project implementation services.

With our extensive multinational business network and past experience, GES is able to source a wide range of secondary resources and commodities, bridging the global demand for materials and resources.

Global Footprint and Business Network

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Petroleum Trading

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Crude Oil

GES can supply a wide range of Light, Medium-Light and Heavy Crude Oil Blends.

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Diesel Fuels

We trade in a wide range of Diese Fuelsl, including ULSD 10PPM (EN590 or equivalent GOST Standard) and Heavy Diesel 50ppm.

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Jet Fuel

GES is involved in the trade of Aviation Jet Fuels, such as Jet A and Jet A1.

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Marine and Bunker Fuel Oil

Genesis is able to trade and supply Marine and Bunker Fuels, including HSFO, GMO, MDO, MFO and FO.

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Petroleum Coke

We are able to supply Petcoke with Sulphur grades lower than 1% (ultra low-sulphur) as well as medium (2-4%) and high (5%<) sulphur grade.


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Tank Farm Solutions

Through our wide range of contacts in the petroleum storage and logistics industry, GES is able to verify Tank Storage Agreements as well as provide Tank Storage Solutions in the Ports of Fujairah, Al-Hamriyah, Rotterdam and Qingdao.

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Vessel Charter Solutions

Genesis works very closely with few highly competitive and reputable vessel chartering and management companies. Therefore, we are able to broker tanker vessels for different petroleum products on short notice and at competetive prices.

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Genesis Environmental Solutions offers professional and comprehensive consulting services for companies engaged in the trading of petroleum products. Due to the nature of the industry, many fraudulent suppliers, tank farms as well as shipping companies are operating in the market. Some scammers even impersonate reputable companies, in order to mask their illegal activities with credible names. Mostly, buyers and sellers cannot see through these scams early enough, thereby losing valuable time and resources.

With an extensive business information network and a strong focus on Due Diligence, Genesis assists its clients to stay safe from fraudulent entities in the petroleum trading and logistics industry.


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Genesis Environmental Solutions GmbH
Nachodstr. 17,
10779 Berlin, Germany
Commercial Register No.: 161105 B
(AG Berlin-Charlottenburg)
VAT ID No.: DE308693105
Managing Director: Tommy Rudov 

  • Genesis Environmental Solutions GH LTD
  • H/No 2, 4 Ekpapka Avenue, West Legon
  • Accra, Ghana / Recycling Facility: Nsawam-Aburi Rd., Nsawam, Eastern Region, Ghana
  • Incorporation No.: CS033380322
  • Managing Director: Marc-Edouard Kollo 

  • Genesis Environmental Solutions PVT LTD
  • Al-Anayat Mall, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan / Recycling Facility: Kohat Rd., Ikhlas, Attock, Pakistan
  • Incorporation No.: 0123558-CRO ISB
  • Managing Director: Umar Hayat Siddiq